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How To Choose And How To Wear An Old Skipper Nautical Rope Bracelets

When you choose an accessory, you want it to be exactly what you need, to bring the best out of you, to give you an irresistible look. If bracelets are your passion, discover the collections from Old Skipper. They are different, there are bracelet-like accessories that prove that beauty should not only be about precious metals or opulent, shiny elements.

Nautical bracelets are still a trend. They help you remember the charm of the ocean, have a romantic, but also a modern style and they can emphasise in an unique way the attraction for accessories that defy classic concepts, stereotypes. This type of nautical bracelets will visually enchant you with the rope as a central element, braided differently each time, in combination with other materials and unique elements - like the anchor as a closing system and other charms. The colours are also special, so nothing ordinary here; you will discover bracelets in the preferred colours, combined, contrasting, with dots, and many others.

 How to choose your favourite bracelet from Old Skipper

First, choose the appropriate one. Bracelets need a proper size. It's like when you choose your clothes - what's too wide doesn't look good, what's too tight is not comfortable at all. So, measure the wrist and so you have the right size of bracelet. Within the Old Skipper page, to order the desired model, you will have to choose according to the size you measured. There is also a guide to help you go through this process. 

The closing system is in the form of an anchor and is stainless steel, water resistant, which maintains its brilliance and appearance as time goes on and therefore does not corrode.

As for their style, whatever you choose, we guarantee will be right for him and for her. They are unisex bracelets, which allows you to play and adapt these accessories to various outfits. Because they are versatile, it is clear that any nautical bracelet from Old Skipper can be worn regardless of the outfit of the day.

 How to match a nautical bracelet to your outfit.

Generally, jewellery is the accent element, which can differentiate you, adding colour, literally. You can bet on such bracelets for the elegance note you need, but especially for the originality with which will complete any outfit.

An Old Skipper bracelet can be chromatically matched with clothing or create contrasts. It depends on the thematic register chosen from the beginning. You can also take into account your skin tone. If you wear a chic outfit you can try for example charm bracelets, with shiny stone. If the outfit of the day is a sport, relaxed, you can try a classic nautical bracelet, thicker or with several rows of rope, which covers more or less your wrist. If you are passionate, opt for expressive nautical bracelets in strong colours. If you are more attracted to sober or serious style, choose neutral tones.

For any preference, Old Skipper has options that will delight you. Consult all collections within the official website www.oldskipper.com.au.

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